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Most Asked Questions

Select the Product You Need

View the product page and choose the product you want to purchase.

Click the button “Add to Cart”. Enter a Valid Shipping Address and Checkout

Fill in the blank and provide a valid address you want the product to be delivered, Click “Checkout”.

Select a Payment Method suitable for you to pay for your order.

In order to make an order, you will need to enter your personal information to verify credit card. It is very safe to do it. The website where you enter your personal information belongs to your bank or Credit Card Company. They are the only people who will see your information. Nobody at GoTechUsLLC or any other website will see or have access to your personal information.

Orders showing as "Complete" means that the transaction was complete!

This means your payment went through successfully.

This does NOT mean your order was delivered, though.


You will receive multiple email updates regarding the status of your package:

Carefully check the accuracy of all information you provided. You must make sure all you have submitted is correct and then click “submit the order” Before we proceed on shipping after order confirmation.

Here are some options:

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