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Product Description

As technology improves by leaps and bounds at a breakneck pace, flashlights tend to remain the same. Sure, bulb types and batteries might occasionally feature slight alterations, but what about their shape or their grip? No company has decided to mount any industry-shattering revolution — until now, that is. Panther Vision has better, improved flashlights for your illumination needs. And this one is not a clunky, round has-been.

Product Details
  • ColorsBlack
  • Materials 
    Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Measurements 
    2.2"L x 1.2"W x 8"H
  • OriginImported

— Warranty: Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty 
— LED Adjustable Light Output 
— IPX7 Waterproof Up To 1M, Shockproof Up To 3M

2100 Lumens: 
— High: 2100 Lumens, Med: 1100 Lumens, Low: 50 Lumens 
— Includes Strobe Feature & Safety Interlock 
— Visibility Distance: High: 195m (640 ft.), Med: 150m (492 ft.), Low: 70m (230 ft.) 
— Requires 8 CR123A Batteries (Included)

1700 Lumens: 
— High: 1700 Lumens, Med: 892 Lumens, Low: 50 Lumens 
— Includes Strobe Feature & Safety Interlock 
— Visibility Distance: High: 181m (594 ft.), Med: 130m (426 ft.), Low: 68m (223 ft.) 
— Requires 6 CR123A Batteries (Included)

1000 Lumens: 
— High: 1000 Lumens, Med: 651 Lumens, Low: 56 Lumens 
— Visibility Distance: High: 195m (640 ft.), Med: 150m (492 ft.), Low: 45m (148 ft.) 
— Requires 4 CR123 Batteries (Included)

700 Lumens: 
— High: 700 Lumens, Med: 441 Lumens, Low: 87 Lumens 
— Visibility Distance: High: 132m (433 ft.), Med: 105m (344 ft.), Low: 46m (151 ft.) 
— Requires 4 AA Batteries (Included)

310 Lumens: 
— High: 310 Lumens, Med: 200 Lumens, Low: 54 Lumens 
— Visibility Distance: High: 94m (308 ft.), Med: 76m (249 ft.), Low: 40m (131 ft.)
— Requires 4 AA Batteries (Included)

What type of battery does it takes?

Depending on which size flashlight you choose. The battery size and quantities are:

310 Lumens, 4 AAA 
700 Lumens, 4 AA 
1000 Lumens, 4 CR123A 
1700 Lumens, 6 CR123A 
2100 Lumens, 8 CR123A

Is this unit waterproof, and to what depth?

Yes, the FLATEYEs are waterproof. They are rated for up to 3 meters.

What is the battery life?

The battery life for this model of our FLATEYE is 2 hours on the high setting, 4.5 hours on medium and 13 hours on low.

Can a 18650 be used in place of 2 of the CR123A ?

The FLATEYEs do not work with those batteries.

Is the included battery rechargeable? If so, can it be charged while inside the flashlight via micro usb?

These models of FLATEYE Flashlights are battery operated and are not rechargeable. Also, we do not recommend using rechargeable batteries in these models of flashlights.

What is the difference in this and the Pv 600 flashlight? How long do batters last?

The difference is the lumen output. The PV-600 emits 600 lumens on its brightest setting. Also, we have 2 brands of flashlights, this one falls under our Panther Vision Brand.

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    — USA 
    — International shipping available through MyUS
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    Standard Ground Shipping
  • Ships In
    2-3 weeks 

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